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Avoiding the Stuffing – A Plan for Christmas Day.

Only six sleeps until Christmas and most of us are already brimming with food. So, how do we approach the most lavish eating day of the year? It’s all about being prepared so you stuff the turkey not yourself.

Never skip breakfast on Christmas Day. If you do, you end up starving before lunch and either consuming all the Christmas nibbles or gorging yourself on turkey and roast potatoes. Eat a light breakfast such as yoghurt and berries or a piece of wholegrain toast with vegemite or tomatoes.

As much as we want to try and have a light lunch of salad and seafood this is rarely possible if you’re sharing your lunch with relatives. Some love to cook a huge roast with plum puddings galore or if not the table will be brimming with snack and dips and pies.

If your table is laden with food try to go for quality not quantity. Choose the foods you really love. If there is turkey, ham and chicken then choose the meat you enjoy best. It’s also useful if you can lend a hand with the serving to make sure you avoid the temptation of a plate someone piled high with food.

Try and add more veggies and salad to your plate. If you’ve watched a traditional gravy being made with turkey fat then this is something to be a bit liberal with as well. Try to avoid other heavy sauces such as white sauce on your cauliflower and opt for a small portion of cranberry sauce instead.

Pace yourself with your drinking and alternate with water if possible. Drinking champagne may take the edge off with your family but this may also push you over the edge with your portion control. It’s difficult to regulate your appetite when you’ve consumed half a litre of eggnog by mid-morning.

Strategically, sit next to someone that has a similar eating plan to you. Don’t sit next to your great Aunt Beryl who is going to comment on why you don’t have another serving of her pork crackling or plum pudding. Remember, you don’t have to be guilted into eating everything on your plate. Eat slowly and try to register when you’re feeling full.

Dessert can really cane your intention to have a healthy Christmas Day. By this stage your relatives may be driving you crackers and you’re ready to plunge into the nearest pudding. Try to serve yourself a small portion and eat each dish one at a time. A tetris of meringue, plum pudding, Christmas cake and cheese on your plate is going to end in disaster.

Avoid the sweet sauces too if you can. Brandy sauce is full of butter and cream so don’t add more cream to your plate. If there’s an opportunity to play with the kids, jump in the pool or have a game of cricket then use this opportunity to exercise after lunch.

Returning to the kitchen to graze in the afternoon or the silent night will leave you stuffed too. It’s wise to have your Christmas indulgence at lunch.  If you do have to return to the spoils try to have some raspberries, cherries or salad. Also, try to send the left over’s home with Aunty Mabel.

Christmas Day only happens once a year so if you over indulge don’t be too hard on yourself. We all eat a little bit too much every year and as long as your festive eating doesn’t stretch from December to January then it won’t really affect your goals.

Wishing everyone at ZAP a happy and healthy Christmas. Thank you for reading. I will look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

From @zap_fit