It’s time for a Tasmanian AFL team

Zap Fitness CEO Bob Cheek pledges $1 million to secure Tasmania a stand-alone AFLW team.

The time has come for Tasmania to get its own footy team, and Bob Cheek is pledging to make it happen. The Zap Fitness CEO and former Clarence and Tasmanian footy champion today announces that he will commit one million dollars to sponsor a stand-alone Tassie AFLW team.

“As an ex-state player and proud 7th generation Tasmanian, I was excited to hear the news that Tassie was going to get a women’s team in the AFL,” Cheek explains. “Then to learn that it would likely be a hybrid with North Melbourne or Hawthorn was bitterly disappointing.”

“Tassie deserves its own team, not just a half of someone else’s. Tassie deserves its own guernsey. So I’m pledging one million dollars over five years to sponsor a stand-alone, 100 percent Tasmanian women’s AFL team.”

Premier Will Hodgman recently reaffirmed the state’s mission to secure an AFL team, outlining the many reasons businesses have to support such a move – including Tasmania’s growing economy and booming tourism industry. Cheek has long championed this cause and believes the time has come to put his money where his mouth is. Zap Fitness is leading the way, with the vision that other Tasmanian businesses will also pledge financial support for a stand-alone Tasmanian team.

The Tassie women’s league is one of the strongest in the country, with four players recruited into mainland AFLW teams for its inaugural season. The AFL has made it clear they support a women’s team in Tasmania. The commission is meeting this Friday, April 21 to decide on the expansion of the competition in 2019, and Cheek wants to lobby them to make Tassie’s team a stand-alone club.

“Green, primrose and gold is the traditional Tasmanian guernsey, going back generations. I’d love to see my grand daughters playing in the classic Tassie colours one day in the future.”

To make this happen, Cheek is asking Tasmanians to unite and sign a petition to demonstrate the support a Tassie AFLW team has.

To show your support for a stand-alone Tasmania AFLW team go to and sign the petition. Let’s show the AFL just how loyal and proud Tasmanians truly are.

For businesses and organisations that wish to join the campaign, please contact

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