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Functional High Intensity Workout – Brad Parham, Personal Trainer

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Brad Parham – Personal Trainer from Zap Fitness Everard Park, takes us through a High Intensity Workout consisting of functional 5 exercises. Contact Brad Parham at Zap Fitness Everard Park Address: 98 Anzac Hwy, Everard Park SA 5035 Phone: 0449 595 772 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Bradley James Health & Fitness …

Everything You Need to Know About Functional Strength Training

Strap in because we are delivering some functional strength training Gee-Oh-Elle-Dee today with Zap Fitness St Morris PT Luke Robinson. The owner of 949 Training, Luke’s fitness rap sheet includes a dedicated 16-year career as a swimmer and water polo athlete, followed by a stint in Muay Thai and MMA …

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