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Body Recomposition… a Way Beyond the Cut and Bulk

I’m back today talking with our residence body transformation expert and Zap Fitness PT Brendan Wang. And believe me when I tell you that Brendan is all over this body transformation game. In fact, today we are covering his thoughts on the time-honoured shred… and you might be surprised by …

3 Key Differences Between a Heavy and a Light Squat – Brendan Wang

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Brendan Wang, Personal Trainer from Zap Fitness Surrey Hills, discusses three key differences between the techniques used in a heavy squat versus a light squat. Contact Brendan Wang at Zap Fitness Surrey Hills Address: 607 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127 Phone: 0413 460 671 Instagram: thequadfatherbw Facebook: Brendan Wang

Top 2 Squat Faults and How to Correct Them – Nic Bergmans, Personal Trainer

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Nic Bergmans – Personal Trainer from Zap Fitness Richmond addresses the top two squat faults and demonstrates how to fix them to build a bigger squat. Contact Nic Bergmans at Zap Fitness Richmond Address: 509-511 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121 Phone: 0459 390 106 Facebook: nic.bergmans Instagram: Lean and Clean …

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