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Everything You Need to Know About Functional Strength Training

Strap in because we are delivering some functional strength training Gee-Oh-Elle-Dee today with Zap Fitness St Morris PT Luke Robinson. The owner of 949 Training, Luke’s fitness rap sheet includes a dedicated 16-year career as a swimmer and water polo athlete, followed by a stint in Muay Thai and MMA …

HIIT Exercises for the Absolute Beginner – Kurstin Miranda Personal Trainer

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Kurstin Miranda from Zap Fitness Hobart CBD goes through three examples of HIIT exercises for the absolute beginner. Contact Kurstin Miranda at Zap Fitness Hobart CBD Address: 188 Collins St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia Mobile: 0414 998 862 Email: Facebook: Instagram:

What on Earth Is a Psoas Muscle Stretch? – Matt Corbin Personal Trainer

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Matt Corbin from Zap Fitness Surrey Hills explains what the Psoas muscle is and why we need to stretch and strengthen it. Contact Matt Corbin at Zap Fitness Surrey Hills Address: 607 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. VIC. 3127 Phone: 0421 526 409 Email: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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