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Easier and Harder Variations for 3 Bodyweight Exercises – Peter Vayne, Personal Trainer

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Using your bodyweight to train is one of the best ways to improve your muscular strength, aerobic conditioning, balance and flexibility. Peter Vayne, Personal Trainer from Zap Fitness Kidman Park demonstrates 3 bodyweight exercises with easier and harder variations for each exercise. Contact Peter Vayne at Zap Fitness Kidman Park …

Dumbbell Split Squat – Celeste Frasson, Personal Trainer

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Celeste Frasson, Personal Trainer from Zap Fitness Moonah demonstrates the proper technique for the Dumbbell Split Squat. This exercise will develop your quads, glutes and core. Contact Celeste Frasson at Zap Fitness Moonah Address: 25 Main Rd, Moonah TAS 7009 Phone: 0466 634 198 Email: [email protected] Instagram:  

Spinal Health exercises for Mobility and Strength – Matt Corbin, Personal Trainer

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  Matt Corbin – Personal Trainer from Zap Fitness Surrey Hills demonstrates 6 neck and back exercises to improve mobility, strength and overall spinal health: Contact Matt Corbin at Zap Fitness Surrey Hills Address: 607 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. VIC. 3127 Phone: 0421 526 409 Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: …

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