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Zap is a place where I can work out without feeling self-conscious or intimidated. The variety of high quality equipment encourages me to try new things, so I’m not restricted to doing the same repetitive workouts, which motivates me to keep challenging myself.


With the guidance of Zap staff I have lost 30 kilos in just 3 months. I train three times a week and Zap has become like a second home. I feel fantastic!


From @zap_fit

Go to our Facebook page to find out why recovery days need to be added to your fitness regiment. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼We hope all of our amazing followers have a brilliant weekend... don't forget to take your  #gymselfie and mention @zap_fit ! Happy Saturday ✌🏼️. #bodybyzap #fitgirl #zapfitness #fitguy #healthy #fitness #healthy #recovery Our Zap models are oh soo multi skilled! Yup, @sacredplacesyoga (aka Bronwyn!) is not only gorgeous, she is a yoga master who wants YOU to join her on the fit trip of a lifetime! We're talking Bali, yoga and Bron! Yes, you'll be downward dogging and sun saluting in Indo-or if you'd prefer the Mediterranean, she's got you covered there too! It's a brilliant way to combine fitness and adventure; tempted? Go to Bron's Instagram (above) and link onto her website and begin your awakening 🏝 It's the new 'low carb' diet that experts say may be the answer to your tum-ultuous belly! Want to know more? So did we so we enlisted our Zap nutritionist to navigate the latest food fixation in this week's blog🍴
Go to our website and click on 'nutrition' for this week's blog. Why not check out the others while you're there? There's a heap of fantastic dietary info sure to help compliment your gym workouts💪🏽🍳😝 Our gorgeous Zap models Zac @zacsteel_ and Jysele show us how working in pairs can work wonders for your your rig!
Go to our fb page for AB exercises that will have you and your friend with benefits working up a sweat! Lol! #fitness #inspiration #weightlossmotivation #workout #weightloss #magicmenaustraliapage Don't forget to get to Kingston to check out our new cardio! Which club will be next?!
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#cardio #tasmania #tuesday #fit #fitness #workout #weightloss #weightlossmotivation BLOG LOGGED: Go to the Zap website and get clicking onto our 'Nutrition' page! Today we're chewing the fat on oils; the good, the bad and what your body will love you for consuming.
It's all courtesy of our Zap nutritionist, check it out!