Let's get it on!

It’s time to move.
It’s time to make the most of now, and get it done.
It’s time to make yourself believe,
and get you where you want to be, sooner.

Right Here. Right Now.

What others are saying about Zap


Zap is a place where I can work out without feeling self-conscious or intimidated. The variety of high quality equipment encourages me to try new things, so I’m not restricted to doing the same repetitive workouts, which motivates me to keep challenging myself.


With the guidance of Zap staff I have lost 30 kilos in just 3 months. I train three times a week and Zap has become like a second home. I feel fantastic!


From @zap_fit

Go to our Facebook page to check out our 20 min kickboxing workout! SERIOUS HiiT! #fightlikeagirl #motivationalquotes #wednesdayworkout #bodyimagemovement #motivationalquotes  #healthy  At Zap we simply don't understand it - not fat OR fit shame! Let's focus on #health and #happiness  X Click on the link in our profile and hop onto out nutrition section for a heap of top notch diet dirt. This week Melanie explains why processed food may be impacting your weight and overall health. Yikes! #diet #dietician #healthy #healthychoices Stretching should be a part of every session; before and after your workout. Prevents injury and is a great (subtle!) way to do a quick check for holes in your tights! Lol! (U know u do it girls!) he he Sneaky peaky spy day Friday nook look at mega gym... Oh so close... See u n the VVIPs there.. 3 sleeps. #tasmania #itsallzappening #inspiration #motivation #weighttraining #glenorchy #brandnew #exciting #excited #health #openingnight #seeyousoon Sneak peak!
Rooftop shoot for zap_fit!
Model posing in great hoodie n tights with our amazing photographers getting in position!
@adam.gibson.photo @cameronmurrayphotography  #chapelstreet #fitnessgirl