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Alcohol – The Weight Is Over

. Alcohol

Booze is a diet destroyer. It doesn’t matter if it’s champagne or light beer the effect on our waist-line and health is obvious. Recently the bar has been raised though. There’s been an influx of non-alcoholic and light drinks that can alter your festive season.

Alcohol is an appetite stimulant that contains empty calories. This is always going to challenge your beach body goals. On top of this, drinking alters the way we absorb food. The liver metabolises fat, carbohydrate, protein and alcohol. Too much liquor hits our system and takes priority to be cleared as it’s a toxin. This slows our burning of fats, sugars and ultimately calories.

The sobering fact remains that if you tip back the wrong drinks you’ll also be tipping the scales. One of the few things you won’t regret from your night is drinking water. Two drinks for each tipple you have will assist your liver with metabolising calories. Drinking loads of water leading up to a night out and the day after will also help you burn more.

Alcohol mixers make weight plans go belly up. Soda is the only mixer you should be choosing as even tonic water adds sugar calories. Creamy shots and cocktails are best avoided as they can be the equivalent of a meal in weight. If you do go crazy for cocktails then your best choices are a Martini, Mojito, Margarita, Cosmopolitan or Bloody Mary. Always choose your cocktails on the rocks over frozen.

Exercising before, during or after a drink will assist your body with the detoxification process. Backyard cricket or a swim in the pool while at a boozy BBQ can work wonders. Research shows that the number of people you drink with correlates to the number of drinks you knock back. The number of hours you stay at your event also has an impact.

Millennials and Gen Z are choosing to drink less than previous generations and with this has come a market of low-alcoholic drinks, bars and menus. Sydney’s PS40 offers a range of house-made sodas using native Australian flavours. They’ve been designed to taste as good as a cocktail. Some of Melbourne’s best restaurants such as Attica and Lume match non-alcoholic beverages with courses and Eau de Vie gives guests a non-alcoholic degustation.

There are slabs of non-alcoholic beers that have hit the market. Heineken Zero, Asahi Zero, Becks Blue, Bira Moretti Zero and Carlton Zero to name a few. Sobah is a great, Australian-based company that offers non-alcoholic craft beers. You can also source a wide array of non-alcoholic wines, champagne and sparkling online from Alcofree.

The lead up to Christmas can be tough if you want to avoid killer hangovers and beer bellies. If you’re hoping to look a little less stout this Christmas and avoid the whiskey pitfalls of boozing I suggest you take high calorie alcohol drinks out of the pitcher. Better still give the new non-alcoholic drinks a shot. You’ll thank me in the new year.

From @zap_fit