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Fitness Goals For Beginners: Avoid Losing Momentum In Your Goals

Ahhh momentum! Or more to the point…maintaining momentum. When you have it, you are unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. You’re racking up PBs left, right and centre. You’re smashing your workouts. And you better believe that your nutrition is on point. Oh…but when that sassy momentum mistress falls through your fingers like pixie dust…you can quickly find yourself tucked up in sloth-like Netflix binge, ordering Uber eats and letting your gym bag gather dust in the corner!

So, I pinky swear right now, that if Juliette and I can get to the bottom of this age old conundrum…we’ll find a way to bottle it and we can all make a bazillion dollars!! But really, is as complicated as we make out OR are we just really good at talking ourselves out of things?

Lets’s hear straight from Zap Fitness Newton “Active-ist” and PT, Juliette Ronsisvalle as dishes the dirt on just how we can stay on course.

I guess first up we should tackle the buzz words any budding gym goer is going to encounter, Motivation and Discipline. Is there a difference?

Well, according to Juliette, “Motivation is the reason why, the purpose behind the activity. Seeing results can be a great motivator, because you are beginning to see the purpose of all your hard work and dedication. Discipline is following the system, making sure you use your plan and follow the steps you have outlined, trusting in your system to take you where you want to be even when you can’t see the progress! Or to describe it another way, discipline is showing up and doing the work, even when you don’t feel like it.”

Sounds like discipline is where it’s at for long term success and the biggest key to that is developing your system…as Juliette explains, “It’s all about Your System! Think of a sporting competition – every team has the same goal, to win the final, but only one will make it – the team that wins won’t be the one that focused most strongly on the goal, but the one that has the best system in place to get there! Making a plan – including a plan for when things go wrong – and following that plan is the key to success, it keeps you heading in the right direction.”


So, grab a pen folks, because as Juliette goes on to tell me…here’s what you need to do in order to maintain momentum and smash your 2019 goals…

“Make a plan, assess that plan regularly and update your plan if you need to. Don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect your results to continue.”

– by Prue Houston

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