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Fitness Goals For Beginners: Follow Through On New Years’ Resolutions

It’s that time of year, you know, when we inevitably start assessing the year that was. Did we achieve all we set out to achieve? What did we do? Or more importability, what didn’t we do? And how is it ALL going to be different next year. Why not hey! There’s nothing quite like a fresh start, and nothing screams new beginnings like January the first!

That’s right! I’m talking about the feared or revered New Years’ Resolutions. Do you make them and break them? Or do you stick it out to fruition? If you’re the former, don’t feel bad. You’re in good company. There’s plenty of folks out there starting out with the best intentions, but you know #life!

I’m chatting with Zap Fitness Newton “Active-ist” and PT, Juliette Ronsisvalle about how you CAN follow through on your fitness goals in 2019!

As a seasoned trainer, Juliette has seen every fitness fad waltz in and out the door, so it isn’t surprising that she firmly believes in simply promoting the basics, “I’ve always loved training, I began way back in the 80s and have never stopped. I came to personal training from a martial arts background, I was teaching kids karate classes and decided I needed to know more about strength and fitness! I have recently gone to university as a (very) mature age student, studying nutrition, human movement, and health science, which has given me a real interest in the health effects of exercise. I’m a big believer in movement as medicine.”

So, the question on everybody’s lips is what is the most common pitfall when making New Year’s Fitness Resolutions? According to Juliette, “I think the most common pitfall is that we make them at all, if you are thinking about making changes to your lifestyle to improve your health, then it seems a bit like procrastinating to put off beginning until January 1. If it’s important enough for you to do, why wait? Not procrastinating can be your first habit change.”

Great! So, let’s say we are all in for a change. Where to now? Well Juliette comes out swinging with her top 3 recommendations for those setting out on a fitness journey…

“Get some help is the number one recommendation – fitness information is easily accessible and often confusing for a beginner, particularly with every guru under the sun trying to convince you that their way is best, so they can sell you their new super supplement. Get solid advice from a practising fitness professional.” explains Juliette.

“My second recommendation would be to make sure you assess your progress regularly – this is important to ensure that your training is appropriate for your goal and is moving you forward. If you hit a plateau, you can tweak your training to get things moving again.

Third, seek advice from a qualified nutrition expert – just like with fitness, nutrition information varies wildly depending on the source and what they want you to buy! An unbiased professional will work with you to identify the best nutrition plan specifically for you to support your training, keep your energy high and let you really enjoy the journey.” She adds.

But what happens when the magical pixie dust of motivation starts to wear off? To this Juliette returns serve with one of most interesting tidbits of fitness advice I’ve ever come across…as she explains, “Often getting a little bit creative can help. I can remember when I was in my 20s deciding that walking would help me lose weight, so I committed to a daily walk. I quickly became bored with this routine (didn’t have iPods in those days!) and found myself cutting my walks short, so I set myself a goal of walking every day until I saw a cat. Spending my walk time looking for cats made me vary my routes and often kept me out for much longer than I had intended, particularly if I couldn’t find any cats!! I was still doing the same activity, but I had introduced a challenge that had nothing to do with walking, which really refreshed the routine. Look outside the box and you may find ways to refresh your routine and make it more enjoyable without changing the routine itself.”

There it is folks. A veritable arsenal of simple yet effective fitness information to ensure you CAN make lasting changes to your health and fitness. Be sure to stop in at Zap Fitness Newton, if you’re in the neighbourhood and get some more of Juliette’s knowledge bombs delivered on a platter.
– by Prue Houston

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