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Setting Fitness Goals for Beginners – and Crushing Them

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“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”
Tony Robbins

Let me just start by saying that, in general, if Tony Robbins says something…chances are it’s going to rock your world. So, it seems only fitting that when we are talking about beginners and their fitness goals, it’s a good place to start.

Another wealth of knowledge on this subject is seasoned PT Juliette Ronsisvalle, “I work at Zap Fitness Newton (SA) as an “Active-ist” and PT. I’ve always loved training, I began way back in the 80s and have never stopped.”

If you’re reading this and you’re a newbie to the fitness scene, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all the ‘noise’. Confused by all the experts. And perhaps a little lost in the ‘quick fixes’ and ‘money back guarantees.

And perhaps a little lost in the ‘quick fixes’ and ‘money back guarantees. So, when it comes to how YOU can set out YOUR fitness goals, why not head direct to the experts to give it to us straight.

Over to you Juliette, “I like to think of goals as ‘the reason why’. It’s important for motivation to have a reason to do what needs to be done, and to maximise adherence that reason needs to be quite a powerful one! Having a very specific goal can be helpful, as well as a reasonable time frame for reaching it – to plan effectively it is important to know exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve, and how long you have to achieve it, so that you can work out the appropriate steps to get there. It’s like driving somewhere without knowing the exact address – a map is useless if you don’t know where you are going!! Decide exactly what you want, and when you want to achieve it, then plan appropriately.” Juliette explains.

Therefore, without a plan or a map, we are effectively lost? “Yes” replies Juliette, “A common mistake is having a vague or unmeasurable goal – such as “I want to lose weight and get fit” instead of “I want to lose 5 kilos before summer” or “I want to be able to run in the 6km fun run in September”. If you don’t have a clear outcome in your mind, it can become so much more difficult to figure out what to do to achieve it. Anyone would lose their motivation if what they are doing doesn’t seem to be getting them where they want to go, but you need to figure out exactly where you want to go first.”

Ok, we have our well-defined fitness goals. Now, how do we totally crush them?!

According to Juliette, “The most important part of setting fitness goals is to ensure you have a solid system in place for achieving your goals! You need to set out the steps you will take each day, each week, each month which will bring you closer to your goal, as well as anticipating potential barriers and obstacles and planning how you will get over them. For example, you might want to participate in the 6km fun run in 3 months’ time. A good trainer would be able to put together a fitness program for you to follow, outlining the strength training required and aerobic sessions you will need to do to gradually build your fitness up in time to peak right when you need to. But you know that in six weeks’ time you are going interstate on holiday for a week – you need to plan how you can fit in some training while you are away, you might need to research what gyms are available, or find some great bush walking trails so you can do some training in “holiday mode”. By focusing on the process, rather than just focusing on the outcome, you can keep your motivation high because you know that every session, every day, every small part of the process is bringing you closer to your goal, even when the results are slow or not so obvious.”

Speaking of motivation, can you share with us what you do to get motivated?

“Finding what motivates you can be difficult, so trying all sorts of things is a great idea! Some people like classes, some people like to train with a friend, some people prefer to put the headphones in and focus entirely on themselves for an hour.

I’m one of the latter – music is a powerful motivator for me, loud music with a driving rhythm and a great beat just makes me want to move!! I love heavy metal and hard rock, but I’ve also had some great workouts listening to Shostakovich and Beethoven.”

We hear you Juliette. Now let’s go and crush those fitness goals!

– by Prue Houston

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