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Katie Rimmer… Beyond the Girl on the Move

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So, let’s just say you saw our last feature profiling the transformational story of Girl on the Move Ambassador Katie Rimmer. Maybe you read the article and felt a stir in your inspirational loins? Perhaps you’re feeling like you want to take a leaf out of Katie’s book…have a crack…take a leap…make a change. Well you’re not alone. We had such an amazing response to Katie’s journey, that we decided to follow up with an even more in-depth perspective of Katie and her life now.

I guess there’s no better place to start off with the obvious question. Now that Katie has shed over 20 kilograms and completely changed how she lives, eats, and moves. We can only wonder, what’s next?

According to Katie, “As far as fitness goals go, the more I sink into a ‘fitness lifestyle’ the more my goals change. I don’t so much set specific goals on my fitness as I do with my health, both mental and physical. I always want to focus on doing the best for my body, giving it what it needs both nutritionally and physically and at the moment my goal is to create a sustainable lifestyle that incorporates university and later my career, the gym, eating well and balancing a social life.”

But like any fresh faced 21-year-old, Katie reveals quite honestly that she has absolutely no clue what the future holds, “Outside of graduating in 10 years, the future is going to do whatever it does, and I’ll just roll with the punches!” says Katie.

The one thing that Katie is sure of though is the importance of maintaining her day to day routine, “I believe my most effective daily habit is definitely not being so hard on myself; it’s something I’ve had to put A LOT of work into and still struggle with every now and then but at the end of the day I know that there’s way too much pressure put on me from all sorts of aspects and the last place that pressure needs to come from is myself! So, if things don’t go according to plan or completely fall of the tracks, I do my best not to take it out on myself and move on.”

Pretty sage advice from a youngin’ but definitely the kind of advice any of us can follow and apply to our own life. ‘Absolutely’, agrees Katie,

“Probably the most important lesson I have learned throughout this journey is to love myself unconditionally.”

“Yes, it’s cheesy and no it’s not an easy task but in order to stay mentally healthy I need to put myself first and stop apologising to myself and to others.”

But I guess you don’t become a Girl on the Move Ambassador without knowing how make it rain with genuinely useful life advice! Especially when it comes to the kind of message Katie wants other girls, her age and younger to hear.

“Putting your health and fitness first honestly helps everything fall into place, for anyone struggling with things like relationships, school, work, self-love, priorities…it honestly helps put everything into perspective and not only that it relieves stress and helps to you see things more clearly when you’re putting your health and fitness first!” explains Katie.

The other little snippet that Katie wants girls to hear is that it’s ok to feel like a newbie. Coming from someone who had never set foot in a gym, before her transformation, Katie is most certainly been there and done that when it comes to navigating the gym as a complete first timer!

“The greatest piece of advice I’ve gotten is that no one cares what you’re doing or what you look like in the gym.” laughs Katie.

In fact, Katie even shared a few of her favourite face palming gym moments, just to remind you that you’re not on your own…

“My two favourite funny stories are neck and neck. Lately, as I’ve built my confidence, I’ve been filming my workouts and I was using the 28kg weights to prop up my phone…only for a bloke to come up to me and ask to use the weights! I was absolutely mortified, first of all out of all the weights I chose I grabbed the ONE that he needed and two that I’d been caught out filming myself! The second funniest story was when I was using the set bar weights to do deadlifts. All was going well until I had to put the weights back…on the top shelf. My legs are bloody strong however my upper body, not so much. So, there I was in a full gym, trying to heave this 30kg bar to head height, I managed to get one end up and was using both hands to get the other up before I managed to drop it on my feet. I felt like an absolute dork and just had to laugh at myself for being too stubborn to ask for help.”

I guess the moral here is that the only thing to fear is fear itself!

FYI I totally borrowed that from FDR…but you get the picture!

See you at the gym babes!

– by Prue Huston

From @zap_fit