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Ripper Australia Day Tucker

Australia Day is back like a boomerang. If you’re thinking of having some fair dinkum Aussie tucker, then it might put a snag in your healthy eating plans. The good news is that with a few minor adjustments you can still tee up a ripper day and get back into those budgie smugglers.

Liquid amber is always an essential part of our national day. Before you head to the bottle-o to stock up on grog consider adding in some light beer and non-alcoholic options. If you’ve settled in for a big day at the beach or a barbie at your mate’s house, then drinking goon for eight hours can take its toll.

A tinnie or two while you’re having a gasbag can easily turn into a couple of six-packs by sun down. This will thwart any goals of having your own six-pack of abs. Keep your drinks cool with ice so you don’t have to slam them down before they get warm. Sneak a non-alcoholic or light beer into your stubby holder to slow down your drinking. No one will think you’re a piker.

Tim Tam slams and pav plunges should never be eliminated in my view. You should moderate your lamingtons and ice creams with some frozen grapes, watermelon or a fruit salad though.  You can also grill delicious fruit on the BBQ which caramelises their natural sugars and intensifies the sweetness and flavour.

Prep for your day by eating a small, healthy breakfast and slipping in some exercise before you start drinking. Get involved in a game of cricket or go for a swim during the day. Keep active as a party helper rather than being the bludger that doesn’t leave the deck chair. Any activity will give your metabolism a nice little booster.

Throw another prawn on the barbie or some fish and veggie patties rather than thick snags. If you’re a meat lover, then try to choose lean cuts and balance it with plenty of salad.  Clean the barbie of any left-over burnt pieces and grill your meat slowly on low to reduce the risk of charring and burning. This means you’ll be ingesting less damaging chemicals that may be carcinogenic.

Choose kebabs that have veggies as well as meat and don’t consume too many processed meats. Making your own burgers is easier than you might think. Just use mince and egg and add in your own grated veggies such as zucchini or carrot. Use wholegrain buns and bread to keep you fuller for longer and add loads of salad such as lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Eat your salads and veggies first and choose the ones that aren’t smothered in dressing and oil. Use mustard as your go to spread as tomato sauce and mayonnaise are much higher in sugar and kilojoules. If there is avocado this is an even better choice. Portions are going to make a difference so try to nibble rather than hoover and remember you don’t have to eat everything on your paper plate.

It’s easy to have a healthy, ridgy didge day with a few small food swaps. You don’t have to give up the true blue tucker either. You just have to drink a bit less plonk so you don’t turn into a flamin’ galah and feel like you want to take a sickie the next day.

I hope you all have a wowser Australia Day. Hoo roo from your koalafied dietitian.

From @zap_fit