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The sweetest weekend of the year is almost hare. Easter is filled with buns, chocolate, sweets and roasts. It can be tricky to navigate without scrambling your diet. Chick out my tips for a healthy Easter so you can hop back next week with the same sized buns.

Hot cross buns and Easter eggs have been on supermarket shelves since our Christmas trees were packed away. This should reduce your temptation to cram all your buns and chocolate into one week. Moderation is eggtremely important at Easter so reduce temptation by not having bags of eggs and buns lying around the house.

Easter egg gifts bought well in advance should be kept out of sight so you’re not encouraged to sample any of your family’s eggs. Better still try to give gifts that aren’t chocolate. Shops are now brimming with Easter themed toys, napery, knickknacks and pyjamas. Also, let your loved ones know that you’d appreciate gifts that aren’t chocolate.

Chocolate has been touted as beneficial to our health but this doesn’t apply if you eat a whole Cadbury basket. Easter chocolate is one of the highest calorie foods made up of about 30% fat and up to 50% sugar. One Cadbury Crème egg would take you 15 minutes to jog off. Choose smaller amounts of quality, dark chocolate that contain higher amounts of antioxidants and less sugar.

Hot cross buns are another delicious Easter treat. Choose ones that have fruit over chocolate or Nutella buns which may have double the calories. Share your buns around and avoid topping them with butter which will just add empty calories and fat. Choose sourdough or wholemeal based buns which fill you up so you won’t inhale a six pack. Hot cross buns are a treat or occasional food so treat them as such.

Sunday Easter roasts can be another disaster if you carrot all about your weight. Make it healthier by having smaller portions of roasted meat and include lots of lightly steamed vegetables. If you’re roasting your veggies then cut them into bigger pieces so they absorb less fat. Trim the fat from your meat and use herbs and spices for flavour instead of butter and salt.

Easter is a special occasion so don’t deprive yourself too much. Research shows that those that allow themselves to enjoy some chocolate have lower weights than people who restrict and then overeat. Just choose your eggs and bunnies wisely. A large rabbit can have up to 1200 calories where as a small hollow one only has 60 calories which is twenty times less.

Routine can be interrupted over this period but continue to eggercise and keep active. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by relying on food to enjoy your Easter. Focus on quality time with those that make you feel happy and enjoy the scenery and time off work. Wishing all my ZAP peeps a wonderful, safe and healthy Easter.

From @zap_fit