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How to Avoid Plateaus and Injuries With Structural Balance

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Dodgy knees. Aching back. Rickety ankles. Sound familiar? Well according to dedicated human body mystery solver and Zap Richmond PT, Nic Bergmans, perhaps you need to shift up your style of training to include Structural Balance. Oh, now that just sounds like fancy talk, I hear you say! No, no stay with me on this, because as my learned friend Nic will explain, if you are conscious of this style of movement you can almost injury proof yourself at the gym.

Sound good? Thought so.

Let’s just start with the dictionary aka Google definition, and we’ll go from there… “Structural balance, also referred to as structural integration, is when the different parts of the body move together in an integrated fashion. The alignment of your bones and the tone of your muscles will adapt and change throughout your sessions.”

Great, but how will it help me? According to Nic, with the right evaluation by a qualified trainer, your movement can be assessed, and your niggles addressed to help you get the most out your body, pain free! “I am a firm believer that no one should ever get injured at the gym. If you are constantly being hurt, I think that the problem is not you. The problem is in your structural balance.” adds Nic.

As a fully qualified PT with a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Sciences, Nic prides himself on not only talking the textbook talk, but also walking the real-life walk. Having been involved in high level sport from an early age. Nic even played soccer (gasp should I say football?) internationally as a 17-year-old! Upon his return, Nic had a thirst for learning and discovering more about what makes us (humans) work. He even started training in traditional lifts and strength sports and saw firsthand the incredible gains that can be made in a short time, with the right training.

Nic has also worked extensively with the Richmond Football Club but what he truly enjoys is passing on his well-versed knowledge, “I love to deliver the ah ha moments to my clients. By taking what I have learned and passing it on in a way that can change someone’s outlook or the way that they move, or train is why I do what I do.”

Ok, so we are on board the Structural Balance train. Now what? As Nic explains, “You need to find a professional trainer to assess your movement. Don’t hesitate to shop around for the right trainer to suit your needs. They need to have an understanding of training structural balance. Let’s just say you have constantly tight hip flexors; the right trainer would be looking to activate and strengthen your glutes. This is the connection theory of opposite and opposing muscles.”

Nic suggests that once you find the right PT, and your movement has been evaluated, you can begin a program that aims to improve your connective chain and therefore strengthen your structural balance.

For more incredible insights from Nic why not drop into Zap Fitness Richmond for the real deal, live and in person!

— Prue Houston


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