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Body Recomposition… a Way Beyond the Cut and Bulk

I’m back today talking with our residence body transformation expert and Zap Fitness PT Brendan Wang. And believe me when I tell you that Brendan is all over this body transformation game. In fact, today we are covering his thoughts on the time-honoured shred… and you might be surprised by what he has to say.

In any gym circle you’re bound to find a guy or gal who is ‘cutting’ and/or ‘bulking’ with the goal of getting ‘shredded’. Or perhaps you’ve wandered down that lil rabbit hole we like to call Instagram, where the algorithm hums along fuelled by gleaming physiques, cheese grater abs and watermelon crushing quads! But in all seriousness, I think we can all agree that we are familiar with these terms. Even if we’re not entirely sure what they mean or how they work. Perhaps even those who you would consider ‘in the know’, may not entirely understand that there is another option?

Yes, in true old school vs new wave fashion, there is an emerging factually based and scientifically proven technique to change your physique…without nearly as much fuss.

Enter Brendan and his thoughts on Body Recomposition.

According to Brendan, “I will often see people training and incorporating a bulk and cut phase. However, what few people realise is that there is a third option and it’s called Body Recomposition. Essentially it is the process of reducing body fat and adding muscle mass. You feed to maintain your body-weight, but you train to get stronger.”

Let’s put this in terms of an actual person, “Say I have a client who weighs 90kgs and is deadlifting 5 sets of 150kgs for 10 reps. I get this client to continue eating enough calories to sustain his bodyweight and I train him for 12 weeks focussing on a volume strength-based program. After 12 weeks this client can now deadlift 5 sets of 180kgs for 10 reps! That’s a huge strength gain. And if this client stills weighs around the same, what do you think that strength development has done to his body?”


Oh ding ding ding…it’s changed it right?

‘Correct!’ says Brendan, “Even though he will still be sitting around 90kgs, the client’s physique will have dramatically changed to be leaner than before.”

Surely, with such proven success this option could spell an end for the torturous style of bulking and cutting?

“Body Recomp programs are definitely gaining in popularity, especially for every day people wanting to shift weight and improve performance. It is really now about getting people to change their perception of how you get ‘shredded’” Brendan explains.

“The Bodybuilding culture has fuelled the cutting/bulking mentality and, in essence, this process does work for their sport. You see they are dieting to look good for a particular day or event. It doesn’t matter as much that their performance is impacted. Whereas for the everyday gym goer, this is simply not practical.”

“Speaking of performance. I believe that there’s a powerful psychological effect in Body Recomposition training. As you are training for strength development, you get to see improvement. You’re eating well so your performance isn’t hindered. You are kicking goals in the gym and making positive changes in every session.” Brendon adds.

If you think Body Recomposition training is for you, Brendon recommends seeking out a trainer with a working and proven knowledge of it as well as an understanding of how to correctly calculate your nutritional goals. Why not check in with Brendan at Zap Fitness Surrey Hills or follow his success stories over on Instagram @thequadfatherbw

— Prue Houston

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