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The Benefits of Weight Training

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Today, Sarah Bensen and I are going to share with you the TOP FIVE Benefits of Weight Training. Strap in ladies (and gentlemen), because if you’re still from the “I don’t want to get bulky’ school of thought…well, we’ve got some work to do!

Sarah, a PT at Zap Fitness in Glenelg, understands all too well the benefits of weight training and has experienced them firsthand in her own weight loss journey,

“I’ve seen a real shift in females embracing weight training too. Of course, there’s still some who hold back for whatever reason, but that’s why I will always keep encouraging my clients to incorporate weight training into their workouts.”

Preach sister…you don’t have to convince me. But if you, dear reader, happen to need convincing, let’s kick things off with our TOP FIVE benefits of weight training. NB. In no particular order, because they are all equally unreal…

This is especially beneficial if you have hit a bit of a plateau. You see, when you weight train, your metabolism increases…not just during the workout…but like way after. Imagine that… burning calories while watching Netflix!!! But seriously, a higher metabolism translates into more calories burnt throughout the day and weight training is the key to achieving this.

We’ve talked about mood boosting hormones before and it still rings true here. Your mood is controlled by your levels of endorphins and weight training helps to elevate these levels. Can I get a hell to the yeah? So not only will you feel physically strong after a weight training session, but you will also happier. In fact, studies have shown the weight training is a mood-lifter and a treatment for depression. It helps you to sleep well thus you are not cranky from the lack of it. Overall your outlook to life changes and you are a much happier person.

Not only will strength training make you stronger physically but you are going to see a whole new you in terms of confidence.  You going to be rebuilding and growing new muscle tissue, this in turn will allow you lift more which makes the confidence flow. Are you following the pattern now? Oh, and this goes way outside the gym too, your improved strength will benefit you in everyday life, think picking up children or carrying the grocery bags in one trip…EVERY SINGLE ONE!

It’s not just our muscles that benefit from weight training, it also strengthens our bones. Weight training has proven to increase bone density, which decreases the chances of you fracturing or breaking your bones. Now, this one’s just for the ladies…did you know that our bone mass begins to slowly decline with age, and as women we are at a much higher risk of developing osteoporosis than men. Weight training around 2-3 per week assists in building and maintaining a healthy bone density.

You’ve seen it on the Gram…#gainz #quads #booty #abs…and chances are you’re probably going to see if happening to you with weight training. Studies have shown that weight training is one of the fastest, and most effective ways to lose body fat and improve muscle tone. Maybe you or someone you know is a cardio queen…there’s nothing wrong with that. But it is important to consider when you lose weight only through dieting or cardio you will lose muscle right along with that fat. Why not add some weight training to your program in conjunction with all that quality treadmill time?

How’d we do? Maybe you’re thinking of giving weight training a go? If that’s the case, Sarah definitely recommends that beginners should work with a trainer, “I think that is best to get the right trainer who will help you with your goals and ensure that you are lifting with the very best technique, so you remain injury free and reap the benefits.”

— Prue Houston

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