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Dieting vs Lifestyle Change

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The Juice Cleanse. The Master Cleanse. The Cabbage Soup Diet. The Beverly Hills Diet. Oh, and my personal face slap moment of the century…the Baby Food Diet (WTF?)

Diets. We have all heard of them and in fact many of us have dedicated years of our life and way too much money in investing in quick fix options.

But Sarah Bensen and I are here today to tell ya…THEY JUST DON’T WORK. Read that again.

Now, we are talking about diets. We are not talking about a considered lifestyle change that results in continued or maintained weight loss. Let’s be very clear about that.

According to Zap PT Sarah, “A diet is a short term, temporary fix. Often it’s not an enjoyable process as it most likely involves heavy restrictions. The end result is often temporary, and you will most likely put the weight back on…and then some!”

Speaking from her own experience, losing over 20kgs herself, Sarah can attest to the value getting good nutritional advice, “Between 2011 and 2014, I had no control over what I ate. I would binge eat and would use my emotions as a reason to overeat and indulge. It’s hard when people tell you that you should just have more self-control when you really try. So here I was carrying on, eating whatever I liked. I got to a point finally in 2014 where enough was enough and took the plunge and met with a personal trainer and started my weight loss journey. Without my trainer I would never be where I am today. Now I’m not saying that my food is perfect. Far from it and still to this day there are times where I let my emotions get the better of me and have a bit of a binge on some chocolate. But in general, I do have a better relationship with food, and I move my body every day!”

How about we shift gears and chat about how a Lifestyle Change is different?

“In my personal experience, a lifestyle change involves adopting a series of small, achievable changes that will have a long-term impact. Adding to these changes over time ensure that they become sustainable and inevitably will lead to weight loss.” explains Sarah.

Sounds too simple to be true right. Um, No. Rather that is what the eleven-ity billion-dollar diet industry wants you to think!

Like Sarah and many other industry professionals, supporting a lifestyle change is backed by the Government. The Victorian State Government website, Better Health claims, “Eating a balanced, nutritious diet and being physically active is the best way to stay healthy and help reduce your risk of disease. To maintain a stable weight, your energy (kilojoule) intake needs to equal the energy you use. If you use more energy than you consume, you will lose weight. On the other hand, if you eat more than you use, you will gain weight. The sensible answer to losing excess body fat is to make small healthy changes to your eating and exercise habits. These changes should be things that you can maintain as part of your lifestyle – that way you will lose weight and keep it off.”

Of course, that doesn’t sound nearly as sexy as… ‘Lose 21 kg in 21 days’ or “Drop a Dress Size by Friday’. But c’mon people, let’s be better than that!

According to Sarah, “When you want to create a sustainable change, things like tracking your food help. An app such as MyFitnessPal is a simple and FREE way that will show you how many calories you are eating and gives you a reference of where you have made the right choices.”

The key here folks is that good things take time. It takes time to create lasting changes and in the long run, those changes are going to make you a hell of a lot happier than a lemon juice, maple syrup and Cayenne Pepper Shake will ever do.

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