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Weight Training vs Cardio

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We all know the saying Cardio is Hardio and for that very reason I will loudly and proudly spruik the benefits of weight training over the treadly…but is it just me?

Luckily, PT Daniella Mufale-Tulipano from Zap Fitness Morphett Vale is here to back me up. Not only a star PT with a Behavioural Science degree to boot, Daniella has competed in Bodybuilding and seen the firsthand effects of changing up her training style, “I see so many people absolutely smashing themselves doing cardio, hey I was even like that myself. But even with all that work, they are still not getting the kinds of results they want. It wasn’t until I got a coach and started lifting that I really saw my body transform.” explains Daniella.

If you still need convincing, how about you sit back and wait for some of these knowledge bombs from Daniella, “Let’s say you run for an hour and burn maybe 500 calories. With weight training you burn about the same in that hour, and then continue to burn calories for hours afterwards, like even up to 38 hours later! Your body composition changes too, limbs look long and lean. Your legs and butt are shapely. All the good stuff!”

“For women, studies have also shown that weight training improves our bone density. Making our bodies less prone to breaking or developing conditions such as Osteoporosis. Feeling strong and healthy goes a long way in effecting our mental wellbeing too. People who feel good about their bodies are more confident and generally feel happier in their day to day lives and weight training can help with this.”

Now, now I know it’s all sounding a little more pro lifting and a lot less pro running, but as Daniella explains, “Cardio has its place. I would never say to a client not to do it. My ideal program for a client, allowing for their goals and health of course, would be say one day a week of dedicated HIIT training along with a healthy dose of daily active movement, like making sure they achieve 10,000 steps. Team that with weight training and it really is the perfect combination.”

So, for Daniella, it’s clear that it’s less about if she likes weight training and more about which weight training movement she likes more! “For me, it has to be a compound movement like squats following by weighted lunges, the chest press and hip thrusts.”

“I love deadlifts and I think they are another great compound movement…but… I see a much higher rate of injury due to bad form that I don’t normally recommend them to my clients. I prefer to encourage a variation such as the Romanian Deadlift, a much more achievable movement without the high injury rate” Daniella explains.

If you’re a Morphett Vale local, why not drop in a see Daniella and get the low down on bending barbells.

— Prue Houston

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