Zap Fitness Rosny

2A Gordons Hill Road Rosny Park, TAS 7018
[email protected]
(03) 6244 1306


Welcome to Zap Fitness Rosny!

Located on Gordon’s Hill Road, Zap Fitness Rosny has been welcomed with open arms by the local community including those from Rosny Park, Bellrive and Warrane.
Those looking for a top notch gym at an extremely affordable price point willlove our Rosny gym and it’s members who, like the Rosny community as a whole, are tight knit without being pretentious.
We’re sure this jovial atmosphere has contributed to the phenomenal results Rosny has recorded since it’s opening. Just a minute or two from Eastlands Shopping Centre, we know you’ll love it at Zap Fitness Rosny.

From @zap_fit