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How Important are Warm Up Exercises For Strength Training?

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Quick show of hands if you’re one of those people who get into the gym, sprint through your workout, and get out again? Another show of hands if you think it sucks to be injured…!?

Well chances are if you’re racing into your strength training program without doing a proper warm up, your dumbbell days could be numbered…

I chat about this with Zap Fitness St Morris PT, Luke Robinson. And there’s no denying that Luke understands all too well the benefits of the humble warm up, “From a young age I competed and coached in high level sports, some of my athletes making Australian squads and one powerlifting athlete squatting the Australian record in his weight class.” he explains.

Without a doubt, Luke’s number one reason for ensuring you warm up is, “So you don’t get injured. It’s simple really but it’s amazing the amount of people who don’t warm up. All it takes is around 10-15 minutes to do a full body warm up and you’re ready for any workout. And apart from reducing the risk of injury, priming your muscles with a warm-up will increase performance allowing you to train harder therefore giving you more progress.”

Gains! Think of the gains people…have we convinced you yet?

Well if you are totally convinced but at a loss as to what or how to warm up effectively for strength training, Luke suggests, “Any cardio for 5 minutes.

In my opinion, the best options are the Rower or the Elliptical machine, as it is full body cardio. This gets the blood pumping around your body and gets you ready to warm up your muscles.

From there I recommend a knee and hip flexion extension movement, so either lunges or bodyweight squats.

Then I recommend a shoulder movement, warming up your rotator cuff with light resistance bands is a great addition to any warm-up routine.”

According to Luke, you can do the same warm up every workout but consider adding in a few things to compliment that days’ training program. For instance, if you’re doing legs perhaps you could add in some glute activation moves to fire up your posterior chain.

“Try doing about 15 reps of each movement or, if you’re stretching, the total time under tension should be about 30-45 seconds.” Luke explains.

One last, but very important tip for anyone warming up is to ensure you take the time to move well, commit to good form and only do movements you are comfortable with, “For example some people are really good at lunging straight away, but others struggle with it so they may need to do an easier alternative that has a similar effect.”

If you’re in the St Morris area, why not drop into Zap Fitness and chat more with Luke or check him out on Instagram and YouTube @bubbletea.and.benchpress.

Happy Lifting Folks.

– by Prue Houston

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